How to choose the right wire rope?

       How to choose the right wire rope? Although various steel wire rope products seem to account for less than that, steel wire ropes are also a type of products with very little randomness. It must be based on the actual needs of customers, but in the end, choose a material with a diameter above a certain level, using a certain anti-corrosion method, or even a special weaving method. What kind of product to choose should be based on the actual situation of your own use, and you cannot change the scheme randomly.

       We take the simplest lifting as an example. The key to hoisting is the characteristics of the crane and the characteristics of the wire rope used for lifting. Here, the characteristics of the rope mainly include two aspects of anti-twist and load bearing. General hoisting, as long as the ordinary surface treatment method can be used to meet the needs.

       What kind of rope to choose is not a matter of who has the final say. In the initial stage, detailed calculations and experiments are required. Ensure that products of this material can be used normally in such an environment. For the sake of saving money, the intensity and quality of the purchased products cannot be reduced privately to avoid accidents.