What factors need to be considered when purchasing wire rope?
        What factors need to be considered when purchasing wire rope? Many people do not know how to choose when buying a wire rope. As a kind of material that has been developed for a long time, the choice of this material does not seem to have any technical content. But what is the actual situation? When we waited in the workshop, there was such a big difference in the original rope. Here are the main factors to consider when choosing.

       The first point is what kind of method to use for corrosion protection. Anti-corrosion and anti-rust are absolutely the most important issues that should be considered for all items that use steel as raw material. Generally used in air, as long as the simplest oiling treatment is adopted, rust can be greatly reduced. For many electric transmissions, oiling can also increase lubricity and speed up transmission.

       In fact, it is the consideration of the cross-sectional area. Generally, in order to increase friction, a rope with a relatively large cross-sectional area can be used. On the contrary, you should choose a wire rope with a smaller cross-sectional area. Of course, preventing knots, bending, and twisting is also a problem that everyone often needs to consider. There are only so many basic factors to consider.